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I posted similar sentiments on my blog page, and then somebody directed me here.

I think that it's pretty awesome that there's a blog dedicated to this guy and his idiotic ways.


Evan Williams

"Spurlock insists he was trying to eat McDonalds the way most people do, not the way responsible people do."

The way "most people" do? Yeah. Because "most people" eat fast food thrice-a-day, supersize every meal, take in 5000+ calories per day, and make a point to not get any physical exercise whatsoever.

"And if it is McDonalds' fault, what's the solution? The only answer to that question seems to be "take the high-calorie stuff off the menu.""

Doesn't it stand to reason that people who are irresponsible enough to eat like Spurlock did, won't be dissuaded from their irresponsibility by simply making portion sizes smaller? Unless the company puts a limit on how much you can buy at one time---but even then, one could just go down the street to the next fast food joint. I once sat in a Burger King and watched this huge monster eat 2 whoppers, 2 large fries, and fill up his large soda three times. Do you think that, if the whoppers were smaller, that guy would have taken in less calories? Hell no, he'd just get another whopper. This line of reasoning makes no sense.

Radley, methinks that you're giving Spurlock too much credit in assuming that he's actually thought this through, or that he really gives a shit about people. He's playing on people's fears and emotions in order to make money.

John H.


I'll give Spurlock a little credit. Listening to him talk on the commentary for Supersize Me, it makes me believe that he's doing this for what he believes, in his twisted logic, are "the right reasons."

I think the main problem here is that he's an idiot.


The thing is that so many people beleive so much that we have to make people see the "error" of their ways, if they don't then we force them to. If that dosen't work we take all choices away. It's about personal responsiblities and as a society we have none, in part because of this thinking. It'a nanny state run amok.


Didn't spurlock include in his movie someone who only ate big macs and seemd pretty fine?

Rough Justice

That is a very offensive and ugly photo in the upper left-hand corner of your blog. I'm not referring to the burgers but the ourtrageous person behind them. Is that Spurlock or Balko? Please put up a tranquil picture of a cow grazing in a pasture.

Rainforests are being detroyed at alarming rate to grow crops like soybeans and make grazing land for cattle. The soil is generally poor for that purpose and fresh forest is needs to be destroyed to continue the process. The forest is home to many species of plants and animals. I'm in favor of militarily invading Brazil to take over the country and preserve the forest. If we can invade Iraq for the oil, certainly we can invade Brazil to save the Amazon from further slashing and burning to make hamburgers for an obese and heart-disease prone American public.

Do you have any common ground with Mr. Spurlock or are you just a slash-and-burner yourself. Are you being paid by McDonald's Corporation to run this web site? In other words, are you a paid corporate shill? If the answer is that you are doing all this for free, then you really are as dumb as your picture makes you look.


Rough Justice,

What, exactly, does Spurlock do to reduce the destruction of the jungle (er, rainforest)? McDonalds is hardly the only restaurant to use beef from SA.

". . .then you really are as dumb as your picture makes you look."

Do you even know who Spurlock is?


As far as the dude who only eats Big Macs- I think his caloric consumption is pretty low as I think thats all he eats ( 2 big macs a day and a coke or whatever). As far as "looking fine"- well he definitely isnt the poster of good health, hes just not "fat." Probably undernourished if anything.


"As far as the dude who only eats Big Macs- I think his caloric consumption is pretty low as I think thats all he eats ( 2 big macs a day and a coke or whatever)."

So there is an 'anti-spurlock' right in the movie.

Chris Sanger

Where in Spurlocks Movie did he once say "take the bad choices away from everyone." Anyone? NEVER.

People must be educated, nothing can be taken for granted. There are people that are extreemly obese and have no idea that McDonalds should not be consumed on a daily basis. Well guess what they watch this movie and they do.

Your putting words in Spurlock's mouth.

That makes you a liar, which is what you accuse Spurlock of, that makes you a hypocrite too.

Please, if you can muster up a legitimate response email me back.

Lincoln Humphrey

Ok, first off, I would like to say that even being a young teenager I can disagree with all of your accusations. Look here, the obese people of America know exactly what they are doing when they eat at a fast food restaurant. You all missed the point of the film by sticking to the fact that the obese people are that way because of corporate fast food companies. This whole movie was a giant experiment and he came out with the idea that most people are obese because of two things, which are the food that they consume on a daily basis and the amount of excersise that they do NOT get. It is there fault as much as McDonald's and many other places. For all of those anti- Spurlock people out there, just remember that his film probably did help people out, for I have not eaten but three McDonald's meals since this movie came out. It simply shows that the obese are that way through there diets and there laziness. So get off of Spurlock's back and maybe analyze the film a little better before your stupid accusations and your horrible anylization of the film come spurting from your mouth.

Pat Da Doodle

just this: the movie is about people eating at Mc Donald often, or very often, but what many people do not get is that Morgan did this one month experiment because he wants to show what long term effct the consumption of Mc products has on your body and your overall life. And that is being fatter and having weight-linked problems.
Many people said Morgan is overdoing it. OK. But the point is, he just wants to show on a short term example what can happen to a person on a long term basis (eg, instead of eating 3 times a day for one month, eat 3 times a week for 3 months) and having weight problems. He was kind of like the duck getting its liver "fatter" quickly. Get stuffed of Mc dump and get that liver pumped up!

Carlos Gonzalez

I have just watched the documentary again and it is about obesity in the US and the role that fast food giants such as McDonalds play, througth the unhealthy products they sell and the heavy advertising carried out, particularly on children and teenagers.

I can understand that McDonalds is pissed off, and if they do not continue to include more healthier foods and messages they will eventually loose customers and possibly court battles.

We say how an obese, diabetic and hypertense patient waiting for a stomach operation claimed to drink between 6 and 8 litres of soft drink a day, thats between 600gr and 800gr of sugar in the drink alone a day!!! In the face of that, how extravagant was Spurloks experiment???

Stop trying to tell us that Spurlok was wrong and we can eat as much shit food as we want that we will die of old age... How stupid do you think we are?


Spurlock specifically stated that the people eating Mcdonalds and trying to sue them were the ones responsible for their own weight gain. Morgan was merely trying to show people the effect of eating McDonalds regularly. He WAS NOT blaming McDonalds, or trying to get them to take things off of their menu. He WAS trying to get people to realize the effects of what they put into their body over a long period of time on a shorter time-scale.


people despise spurlock. i would despise spurlock too, if he killed my mom. or my dog. or if he came right into my living room and punched me, stealing my wallet as he left, laughing meniacally. but spurlock hasn't done that to me. nor, do i believe, will he ever do that to me.
but i'll tear him down anyway. i could spend my time relaxing, or keeping in touch with people, or educating myself in subjects that would make me more enlightened.
but i suppose bashing someone whom my party suspects to be an enemy would be a better use of my time.

i could even use my energy to improve my party, but no, i choose to degrade some others. i choose to put down rather than to help up; even though my good books tell me that i should always help those in need, no matter the reason.
what i don't realize is that i'm so content to follow orders. in fact, i love orders. i do unto others what others would want me to do. sell me a product. tell me which one's the best and i'll spend more for that one. but it'd better make me the coolest in my neighborhood, if not the world, or at least hollywood.
but what i really fail to realize is that those people called the progressives really are progressing. i suppose that's why people started calling them progressives in the first place. funny bunch they are, progressives.
some people say they're trying to make life better for as many people as possible without depraving anyone. bleh! bad policy if you ask me. people who were born in the ghetto should remain in the ghetto. i'm so glad that i am where i am in life simply because some people in my bloodline a few degrees back made some good choices in their lives. it's made my life so much easier. and if my life can be this good, anyone should just be able to wish their happiness into existence.
i mean, i love mcdonald's. to me mcdonald's food equals happiness, and everyone can afford to eat mcdonald's. so therefore everone can be happy. :) Yay!
i really don't mind the fact that the corporation who owns mcdonald's has decided to put certain things in our food that act to make us slightly addicted to said food. just like every other product in our system.


*- My mentor Bill O'Reilly recommended the use of this phrase to me.

Jim Grimaldi

Ok, Morgan's experiment was meant to show (A) An exaggerated diet. (B) Representation of the average Americans habits, along with daily exercise.
He states this plenty of times in the movie, yet people still complain of the outcome. His results though extreme, were meant to educate, though people still feel the need to prove him wrong. Lets face it, McDonald's is a purely evil corporation who's product it beginning to affect Americans as much as Big tobacco. This was the point...these people have to stop nit-picking.



I have a great link for a video profile on the documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Best known for his 2004 breakout film Super Size Me, he was recently at the SXSW film festival promoting his Oscar nominated film Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? Filmed in the Austin City Limits Studio, Spurlock talks about filmmaking, blogging and interactivity between the two mediums. Here is a link to the video from the website of the show Docubloggers on the PBS station KLRU in Austin, Texas. Enjoy!





Stacy Wright

It sounds like Spurlock doesn't have many fans on this site. But I support his interests in his documentaries. I think he is trying to show the side of an issue that we don't usually see because humans are brainwashed by media, advertising and images. Although his point is made in an exaggerated way, by intensely participating in a way of life for days, there are people who live this way. People make choices based on convenience and familiarty every day (such as those drive-thrus and beautiful golden arches), instead of other options that are better for themselves and others. I'm looking forward to seeing his new series "30 Days" which starts the first week of June.


2 things...

1. Morgan doesn't say that it is all McDonald's fault and not the individual's fault. I haven't heard or seen him say this.

2. "Taking high calorie items off the menu". This is pointless. If someone wants a 1,000 calorie meal, they will just order 2 "mini-burgers" and fries instead of the big burger and fries. They would just buy more to compensate and get what they want to eat for that meal healthy or not.

If one location won't allow someone to buy more food than 1 'proper' serving, they would go out of business (think about people who pick up food for others). No one can control an individual if they choose to overeat.


the point about the guy eating big macs everyday - 'he looks fine'? if medicine relied on 'he looks fine', i think we would have a lot of problems. it’s worth reading his book,’ don’t eat this book' which explains his motives, and digs a lot deeper into the fast food industry dirty tricks. i don't believe in a nanny state, i am pro-choice, but the information just isn't there for the consumer, and on the rare occasions it is, it is often confusing or contradictory to other advice. supersize me may not be perfect, but if it gives people a wake-up call then well done morgan. in the third series of 30 days i think he puts a hunter into a vegan / animal right activist life-style which touches a bit on factory farming and its brutality. it would have been nice to see this in the film.


"The way "most people" do? Yeah. Because "most people" eat fast food thrice-a-day, supersize every meal, take in 5000+ calories per day, and make a point to not get any physical exercise whatsoever."

fast food is not just mcdonalds and burgerking. you need to look at the bigger picture. microwave meals in 3 mins - pure junk - frozen pizzas - pure junk - i think you get the idea. take a look in your local convinence store and you will be lucky to find 10% of food that would not impact your longterm (or even short-term in the case of msg or aspartame to name just a few culprits) health. processed food is just empty calories, and highly destructive to humans. people really are eating 5000 calories a day, maybe not in all mcdonalds, but a diet of refined carbs, transfats and harmful chemicals.


I've known Morgan Spurlock since 9th grade. We went to school together and played football together. We even went to the same advance creative writing camp when we were in high school. I think your feelings towards Morgan are very wrong. He's really a nice guy. He is very intelligent. I bet you are trying to trash his reputation because you are jealous of him. Who cares if McDonald's lost money. By the way, on your AP article it should state Raleigh County, Beckley, WV.


Hello, people.. get a brain.. the "healthy menu" at McDonalds was minimal, at best, when Spurlock made his film.. Now you go try to do the same experiment *after* they've added their healthier menu, and claim that you can lose weight on that same experiment..

Weak science..


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