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The owner/operator of this site is completely FULL OF SHIT.

Out lying ... oh sorry, DEBUNKING Spurlock means that your TELLING THE TRUTH... right? You have to laugh at anyone who is actually pathetic enough to try to tell people about what a wonderful & wholesome little hamburger shack that McDonalds is. Get back to your Mc Job now Punk.

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Some folks believe that newborn kittens, just like newborn humans, find comfort and security in the sound of their mothers’ and their siblings’ heartbeats. That the heartbeat, real or simulated, improves their chances for survival. I can’ t help but believe that this must also be true for the rest of us, including, if not especially, the elderly among us. There is comfort and healing in the very heartbeats of those we love,— spouses, children, grandparents, lovers, pets— and the closer to the heart we keep...


Where is this hospital, because I'd like to go to it. And how about the non-hippy low-wage, uninsured, help-desk worker? Parasite?

Eventually a bill collector will sue the low-wage worker and the state will take 25% of this worker's income for years until the bill is paid off, in addition to court costs. I should know, it happened to me.

I would imagine someone with zero verifiable income would not be run through the ringer this way--when there's no money to take, what can they possibly do?

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There are many perennials that can add to the beauty of any place in a few months, if due care and attention is paid while choosing and growing them.

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This is good. I like it, it helps alot, good for our nature, its's like recycling! Hope that people will learn from this.

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