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Christopher Monnier

You might want to check this site out, too:


Maybe this will result in a Bullshit on Spurlock with you getitng royalties or something.


Can't wait to see the evolution of this site. It used to be celebrities, like Meryl Streep with the Alar/apples scandal 20 years ago, who promoted these bogus stories to stir up fear and corporate loathing. Now we make clebrities of the ones who concoct the rumors. Good on you, Radley.


When I saw Supersize Me I thought it was pretty funny. It was the same kind of stunt some of my buddies might have pulled in college had they thought of it, except they would have probably had some sort of beer exception to the McDonald's only rule. I was horrified to find out that people were taking this as a serious social statement. When Johnny Knoxville stuck his nipple in an alligator's mouth I thought it was funny self-abuse but I didn't think it represented a greater threat to society. When Morgan Spurlock ate McDonalds only for 30 days, I thought it was funny self abuse not a greater threat to society.


Good to see this site - yeah, maybe it's fighting the tide, but you might at least get quoted somewhere. I think part of the problem, culturally, is that people are still willing to believe in magic and evil spirits. Not literal magic and spirits, of course, but modern substitutes. It's not fairies who made your child sick by casting a spell anymore - it's big corporations who put chemicals in your food that made your sick! What makes it magical thinking is that people generally know bupkes about corporations, ingredients, science, etc., but they're still willing to believe these things because it suits their needs.


>>>he's fast and loose with the truth

---It would appear you provide evidence that, at least, Spurlock is extremely sloppy.

>>>He's consumed by a loathing of business and capitalism

---This is pure speculation, and most likely untrue. Doesn't everything about Spurlock suggest that he's motivated by much more self-interested (and capitalistic!) motives than the crypto-socialism you ascribe to him? Is it communistic to make fun of fat people? He does that too!

John T. Kennedy

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