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John H.

Well, Radley, I'd imagine the first step to getting in touch with them is to contact any professors that might be at the college. Were any featured in the show? I've only seen parts of that episode, so I wouldn't know. I'm sure they'd be happy to point you in the right direction, what with your creds and all.

Todd Grimson

I once published a short story in Between C&D (a literary magazine in Manhattan edited by Catherine Texier and Joel Rose) about a rich young guy who traveled around trying to see what he could get people to do for money. How much did it take for a hetero male to allow himself to be sodomized, or get him to perform fellatio, or how much did it cost to get someone to have a little finger amputated.

Did I have eating feces in there? I think so, but Divine ate poodle poop in John Waters' notorious film "Pink Flamingos." Nothing new there. That's a very well known scene.

I hold Morgan Spurlock and his ilk in contempt. As a human being. Because I don't believe it's good to take advantage of people's weakness in this way.


The FX website mentions names. Nacke is the (step)mother's last name. There is only one Nacke (Carter, which appears to be one of the sons) in the current ASU student directory, but during the summer semester she made not be listed as an active student.

Here is a story that confirms Jessica's last name is Nacke:


Also from the FX website, the mother's name is Michiel and lives in Tempe, and the husband's name is Dave. google reports back David's directory listing (not copy/pasting, deliberately)


I don't moonlight as a stalker, I just have to research a lot on the net.


Now that could very well be the real Jessica, but I am skeptical that the second bit was written by a real professor. I don't know. Something about the feel of the language.



While you can't prove who is who on those message boards, the people who were on "30 days" have posted there in the past, namely "Vito" who provided a website address that he set up specifically for agents to get in contact with him.

"Jessica's" originally message sound authentic, although if you can get in contact with her somehow that would be great.


CC - remember, its an ASU professor we are talking about here. That might have something to do with your feeling that it doesn't sound like its from a real professor.


The mother (Michiel) herself responds on the Spurlock blog.


I don't know, from reading that I am pretty doubtful that these people really are who they say they are. (And no, not just because of the misspellings and grammatical errors... though that doesn't help.) Why should we jump to conclusions about people posting on a message board any more than we should about the reality of Spurlock's show?


>>And no, not just because of the misspellings and grammatical errors... though that doesn't help.<<

Kinda curious why you think that. I mean, just because someone's been featured on television doesn't automatically give them great internet communications skills. I mean, my father is a highly accomplished college graduate, history major, been in the business world for decades, and he can't use punctuation or the shift key to save his life when he's writing personal email.

Joe Blow

If you're trying to make the case to the American public that some ASU student is not a lush, you're fighting and uphill battle. Go read where ASU ranks in the Playboy party school ratings.


Thank *god* for Morgan--the man is one of my heroes. He is lancing some of the stinking, festering abscesses that linger just beneath our "God Bless America" and "United We Stand" facade (gag).

It ain't pretty--it ain't pretty at all--but we have to squeeze the pus out before we can move forward. Of course his shows are somewhat pointed. We're not talking about eating Madagascaran hissing roaches or fried javelina eyes. Rather, we're talking about seeing life from the eyes of the "other". I know, I know, the whole tolerance/different world view thing can be a bit hard to grasp. Hell, I'll admit that I have trouble with it myself sometimes.

Anyway, just thought I'd give my $.02.

Oh yeah, god, I almost forgot--did I mention that I happen be an ASU alumna and grad. student? I do appreciate your enlightening everyone with your "knowledge" of my campus. Judging by your detailed description, it sounds like you know it quite well. Did you actually drive by it once?

Ah yes, yes, the party school thing. Right again! Playboy's Top 10 Party School rating system has been good to us over the years. It even looks like we've climbed back into the #1 spot for 2006--more power to us. I mean that dude who spent a year at the bars and frat houses of ASU certainly got a well-rounded view of campus life. Sadly I guess I'm just missing out--most of my friends are too busy studying for genetics exams or writing theses and dissertations to be lushes.

Feel free to visit just a few of the links about my alma mater. After doing so, by all means, go back to stroking one another--keeps you occupied, content, and allows our ilk to slither about more freely.


Grammar Nazi

Professors can punctuate a compound sentence.


anyone still reading these??


I think I am missing something here. Is the argument that binge drinking isnt bad for you then? I mean even if their pick didnt pan out lets say your right, scripted etc. You dont actually believe this never happens right?

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I hope they are right. But there is plenty in what I have quoted to mean this isn't necessarily good news.

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