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>>in which the Mini-Moore and his team of liars attack a number of hot-button issues


Evan Williams

I can't WAIT to not watch that show. It's gonna be so great! All the heated debates that I won't see, all the frustrated corporation-bashing that I'll never witness! Awww, man!

The fact that Morgan Asslock is getting untold massive cashflow from his socialist lies and deceit just goes to show: there is no justice, there is no god.

Mad Anthony

Good. I mean, nobody has ever made a show that looks at sex, religion, or media before. What a novel idea.


Sounds a lot like Tough Crowd without the funny people.


Wow it sounds like a comedy central ripoff, of HBO's Penn & Tellers Bullshit.......

Eric Rife

Thanks for posting this! I LOVE Morgan Spurlock.

Oh yeah, and FUCK THE CATO INSTITUTE! RIght wing libertarians have a quasi-religious faith in capitalism that is pathetic. No system, economic, political, religious, etc. is beyond reproach.

The Cato Institute is as devoted to capitalism, with all its attendant injustices, in the same way that popes and cardinals are devoted to their own fantasies. You don't have to be a socialist to see that

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Super Size Me was crazy. Can't imagine eating that every single day. Glad to see Spurlock is up to other adventures.

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