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Your comments are awesome.

Evan Williams

How depressing. Reading through those comments just goes to show: the people will eat anything you feed them---be it a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, or a few hundred pages of lies and bullshit. Half the reviewers act like Spur[ious]lock is some sort of Prophet for pointing out that fast food h'aint all that good for you in large quantities. (BTW, I'm working on a new book, too. It's called, "The Earth Is Spherical".) Kudos to the Balko for airing his dirty laundry on Wiki and Amazon. It's about time more people in the mainstream got to know what he's really about.

The worst is from the Amazon.com offical review:

"Spurlock's wisecracks make the statistic-laden information easily digestible and possibly useful as a classroom text."

I also went to Spur[ious]lock's blog, and saw an ad for new "education-friendly" versions of his book. This is sick. What, are we gonna start teaching our kids how to lie at an earlier age? A "classroom text"? AGH!

DARE to keep your kids off Morgan Spurlock!

bladder control

You have a point Evan, but why do you hate the book so much?

Sam Nisbett

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