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College Research Paper

I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.


Also why MacDo is so popular. It allows you to misbehave oficialy and in front of everyone. Yes, at MacDo you are allowed to do what you cannot do at home :

You can forget to wash your hands. No signs to tell you so.
You eat with your hands. They don't provide plates of any "tools".
You can "split splat" the food, thus playing with it like a silly animal like the rest of the crowd :-))

You can shout and cry like a baby. To the shame of your mom and dad.
All those things that your mom will not allow at home... A very National good way Good way to raise the future workers of the free world uh ?

Plus, this kind of behavior is very addictive too.

MacDo misbehave me! hahaha


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